Saturday, May 21, 2011

Unique Business Cards

Business Cards. They've existed since the 15th century. We've all seen our share of plain, boring b&w business cards.

So you want to stand out from the crowd... but maybe you don't even know where to start.

So in today's competitive marketplace, how can you maintain your edge?

Start Fresh with Specialty Business Cards
Throw away your old boring cards!
How many business cards have you disposed of in the past year? Hundreds? Thousands?

But every once in awhile, you see a card that demands your attention.

So how can you produce a business card that exemplifies excellence and professionalism? It often takes a bit of research. In this lens, I will attempt to explain the different types of specialty printing now available to your business. I will also provide direct sources for specialty printing to save you the time and effort involved in creating a business card masterpiece.

So how thick should your business cards be?
Card Stocks Explained
The most common card stocks available are 100lb, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt and 16pt. 100lb book is the equivalent of a 10pt card stock. There are even thicker printed stocks available, such as 30mil PVC plastic. 30mil translates to a 30pt stock, which is an extremely heavy card stock.
So, would you rather make your first impression with a flimsy, disposable card or a heavy, durable card?

thick business card gives the impression of strength and longevity. This is a representation of your company. You can also say a flimsy card symbolizes a weak, impermanent or fly-by-night business.

Personally, I always recommend a 14pt stock or preferably a 16pt card stock. The price difference between a cheap 100lb or 10pt stock and a much heavier 16pt stock is negligible, but the difference in feel and marketing value is immeasurable.

30mil Plastic Cards are also an amazing investment, but a bit more costly. These extremely heavy, durable plastics offer the same thickness as a credit card and many similar options are available, such as magnetic stripes, barcoding, signature panels, variable data, scratch-offs with pin numbering, embossed sequential numbering and holographic foils. Many marketers are willing to justify the added expense for a truly impressive credit card style thickness.

Types of Unique Business Cards

So now that we've examined the benefits of premium business cards, let's take a moment to look at the different types of specialty business cards available:
3D Lenticular Holographic Business Cards
3D Lenticular (often referred to as hologram) printing offers real 3-dimensional, animated effects, including: 3D Depth, Flips, Animations, Zooms & Morphs.
Clear Plastic Business Cards
Clear plastic cards are visually appealing & as thick as a credit card.
Die-Cut Business Cards
Full color, custom, die cut business cards - the only limit is your imagination.
Embossed Business Cards
Enjoy the priceless marketing tool of embossed cards on premium 16pt silky texture card stock. Printing on one side is recommended as the opposite side will be indented or debossed.
Foil Business Cards
Real shiny hot foil stamping on silky business cards.
Folding Business Cards
Full color, photo-realistic foldover cards with custom graphic design services.
Frosted Plastic Business Cards
Frosted Plastic Cards: similar to a clear card but with a classy semi-opaque look. Text & Graphics "pop".
Full Color Business Cards
The affordable gold standard. Full color cards in your choice of matte or gloss.
Glitter "Bling Effect" Business Cards
Shiny, sparkly, glitter, bling business cards. Spot UV double-processed with glitter creates an exciting effect.
Glossy Business Cards
Custom business card printing with super-glossy UV Coating.
Gold Pearl Plastic Cards
Plastic Cards with a shiny gold pearlescent surface.
Linen Business Cards
Enjoy the priceless marketing tool of cards on premium 100lb uncoated linen book textured card stock.
Matte Business Cards
Custom full color, photo-realistic matte finish business cards. More subtle than UV gloss.
Metal Business Cards
Real copper or aluminum metal business cards in silver or gold with your choice of die-cuts and colors.
Metallic Ink Business Cards
Unlimited color, double-sided, metallic color business cards on thick 16pt uncoated stock.
Plastic Business Cards
Enjoy the priceless marketing tool of 30mil plastic cards, as thick as a credit card
Round Corner Business Cards
Custom, full color business cards with rounded corners.
Silky Business Cards
Full color business cards with a unique silky texture.
Silver Pearl Plastic Business Cards
Silver pearl plastic business cards with a shiny pearlescent coating.
Spot UV Business Cards
You choose where you want the glossy UV coating to go. Accent a logo or graphic of your choice. Not very well-known but an extremely attractive option.
Vertical Business Card Printing
Custom vertical portrait business card printing and graphic design services.
Waterproof Business Cards
Full color waterproof business cards on durable 10pt stock.
Business Card Magnets
Thick, glossy, custom full color business card magnets on 17pt.
Business Card Stickers
Glossy Business Card Sticker Printing.

The Future of Business Cards is NOW.

Professional marketers are always looking for new ways to stand apart from the plain, the mundane and the boring. Nondescript, one-color business cards & flyers are quickly going the way of the Dodo Bird. From foils to plastics to metals, printing is moving into the 21st century.

Making premium, specialty printing a part of your marketing plan is a wise decision.

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