Thursday, June 2, 2011

Business Card of the Day: Vandenberg Animated Lenticular Card

This client is the fire chief at the Vandenberg Fire Department @ Vandenberg AFB in CA. He wanted a business card design that was big, bold, flashy and directly demonstrates all the danger, drama and excitement of being a fireman. We designed the card using actual video footage of a fireball blasting forth towards the viewer. We exported the footage to individual frames and re-animated them to create this unique and dynamic lenticular piece.

Specialty Postcards: Custom Options for Innovative Flyer Printing

So Why Postcards?

Postcards are one of the most versatile & underrated marketing pieces available. They can be used as a hand-out flyer or a direct mail piece. 4x6" mailers have the most affordable postage rates and generate "heat" and countless sales leads.

So when you have that one chance to make a first impression, will you go cheap & generic or win new customers with that "wow factor"?

What Options Are Available?

Card Stock:

  • Linen (100lb cover textured stock)

  • Silky (Silk texture on a 16pt stock)

  • Premium 16pt Paper Stock (most common)

  • PVC Plastic

  • Clear or Frosted PVC Plastic

  • Waterproof 100lb book

  • 3D Lenticular Lens

    Color Options:

  • 4/4: Full Color or 4-color on both sides

  • 4/1: Full Color Front, B&W Back

  • 4/0: Full Color Front, Blank Back

  • Metallic Ink: Adds unlimited metallic spot colors to your full color print.

  • Foils: Adds real metallic foil stamping to your flyers.

    Gloss Options:

  • Matte: Uncoated or non-glossy finish.

  • UV Coating: High-gloss laminate which is added postpress.

  • Spot UV: Adds Gloss UV coating only to specific areas, such as logos or text.

  • Aqueous Coating: Similar to UV coating but a lighter semi-gloss. 

  • Types of Postcards, Flyers & Mailers

    So now that we've examined the various different options available for your flyers, let's take a moment to look at all the specialty postcards that are currently available.

    3D Lenticular or Holographic Postcards
    3D Lenticular (commonly referred to as holographic) printing offers real 3-dimensional, animated effects, including: 3D Depth, Flip, Animation, Zoom & Morph. Wow your potential clients with this exciting technology.

    Clear Plastic PostcardsFlyers printed on a clear PVC plastic set you apart from your competition.

    Die Cut Postcards
    If you want something truly unique, die-cut postcards are for you. The sky's the limit, these postcards can be die cut into any shape you desire.

    Foil Postcards
    Postcards with a splash of metallic hot foil stamping add a touch of flash & class.

    Full Color Postcards
    The Gold Standard. Affordable full color offset postcards, typically printed on a premium 16pt card stock.

    Frosted Plastic Postcards
    Much like our clear flyers but with a semi-opaque finish to make your text & graphics "pop".

    Glossy Postcards
    Full Color Postcards with a super-glossy laminate UV Coating. Shiny & Slick.

    Linen Postcards
    Full Color Postcards on a textured 100lb linen stock.

    Matte Finish Postcards
    Uncoated, full color flyers... without the gloss.

    Metallic Ink Flyers
    Unlimited color, double-sided, metallic ink postcards on thick 16pt uncoated stock.

    Oversized Postcards
    When you really want to make an impression, upgrade to more "real estate" with a larger 5.5x8.5" postcard.

    Plastic Postcards
    Real plastic postcards on a thick 20mil PVC stock. Plain paper stock just can't compare to plastic.

    Silk Postcards
    Silk stock creates a classy, textured look & feel that is simply unmatched.

    Spot UV Postcards
    Relatively unknown but growing in popularity, Spot UV adds a shiny gloss to specific areas of your mailer, such as logos & text.

    Thick Postcards
    Many postcards are printed on thin 100lb or 12pt stock. Upgrade to a truly impressive 16pt stock to stand out from the crowd.

    Waterproof Postcards
    Don't be scared of the rain or extreme weather conditions, your cards will survive it all. Waterproof postcards are perfect for national & international mailings.

    Stand Out From The Crowd.

    Tuesday, May 31, 2011

    Coolest Business Card EVER.

    "'Let's see Paul Allen's card.' Look at that subtle off-white coloring.
    The tasteful thickness of it. Oh, my God. It even has a watermark!"
    - American Psycho
    Classic Scene. But now we're taking business cards to a whole new level. Just take a look at one of our latest metal business card creations, printed on real copper with a silver finish.
    Custom Metal Business Card
    This masterpiece was created for Ricman Manufacturing, a machining company based in the Bay Area. These gears are actually die-cut with "safe rounded corners" using cutting edge laser etching. Lasers, man!

    Note the highly reflective, shiny metal service. Very sexy. 
    Silver Reflective Metal Card
    The gear theme extends to the back of the card for continuity and a touch of class.
    Our 100% custom, cool & affordable metal business cards are now available for purchase. Take your brand identity to the next level!
    Metal Business Card Printer

    Monday, May 30, 2011

    Business Card of the Day: The Venue with Gold Foil & Spot UV Coating

    Cool, elegant, attractive business card with hot foil stamping in gold around "The Venue" logo. Gorgeous flourishes are highlighted using our Spot Gloss UV Coating. This card uses an innovative technique called Blind Spot UV where there's no actual printing, all flourishes are accented in gloss. The contrast between the gloss & matte finish on the card is simply stunning.