Wednesday, November 30, 2011

NEW: Inline Cold Foiling for Business Cards, Flyers & More.

Pretty exciting stuff. We've offered traditional hot foil stamping for the last couple years, but it has several limitations. No gradients, no half-tones, occasionally inaccurate registrations and it's much more expensive to produce based on the # of colors. 

With traditional hot foil stamping you are charged per foil color, per side. With our amazing new inline cold foiling process we can produce unlimited foil colors at no extra charge!

Inline Cold Foiling gives you a wide range of CMYK colors with a sparkling foil finish and an ideal reflection that is priced to give you a true competitive advantage. State-of-the-art features allow you to produce large solid areas as well as reversed out areas of foil. You can produce foiled half tones, gradients and have multiple colors in foil on the same design. The design possibilities are endless. 

What is COLD FOIL? This NEW full color foil printing process allows you to add metallic, foil effect to any part of the card! We print using CMYK full color process over the foil paper to create the ultimate business card with multi-color metallic qualities. 

Very cool. There are so many limitations with hot foil stamping, this new cold foil process opens up so many new possibilities. 

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