Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Clear Plastic Business Cards Are Effective

Want a way to really stand out when you meet new people? You should really think about getting some clear plastic business cards. They're not that expensive to have printed up, and they can help with people remembering you and your company. Just take a look at the example below to see how impressive they are once they're printed up. Imagine how it would look with your logo.

If you go to the Cutting Edge Designs and Printing website, you can see a lot of other samples that they've created for clients in the past. Here are some other things to consider before you make up your mind about whether or not these are right for you and your business.

  • Thick - The super-heavy 30 mil card stock is about the same thickness as a credit. These business cards are going to get you noticed. If this is too thick for you, we recommend our 20mil clear plastic cards, which are a little less expensive. 
  • Clear - How many business cards do you see that are clear? Not many! If you have one, you're going to be remembered after you meet someone. At Cutting Edge, they work with you to make sure you're putting forth a professional image. 
  • Free Design - Not good at graphic design? Don't worry. Cutting Edge Designs and Printing will help you design something spectacular. Their creative team will work with you until you have something you like. 

Still haven't made up your mind? Remember that these plastic business cards have rounded corners and will not tear. They're also water proof, which really makes them attractive. Best of all Cutting Edge has managed to keep the price very affordable. 

If you're in business, you're going to see a lot of different types of business cards, but these are definitely going to get you noticed and remembered. When it comes to marketing your company or services, this is what you want in a biz card. 

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